Conference Papers

Co-Creating Question-and-Answer Style Articles with Large Language Models for Research Promotion
Hyunseung Lim, Ji Yong Cho, Taewan Kim, Jeongeon Park, Hyungyu Shin, Seulgi Choi, Sunghyun Park, Kyungjae Lee, Juho Kim, Moontae Lee, Hwajung Hong
DIS 2024 (to appear)

Posters, Demos, Workshop Papers

AudiLens: Configurable LLM-Generated Audiences for Public Speech Practice
Jeongeon Park*, DaEun Choi* (* equal contribution)
UIST 2023 Student Innovation Contest | Jury's Best SIC Honorable Mention
Leveraging the Crowd to Support the Conversation Design Process
Yoonseo Choi, Hyungyu Shin, Toni-Jan Keith Monserrat, Nyoungwoo Lee, Jeongeon Park, Juho Kim
CHI 2020 Workshop on CUI@CHI: Mapping Grand Challenges for the Conversational User Interface Community