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Welcome! My name is Jeongeon (Jeong-on 🗣️) Park, and I am a researcher at the DGIST Intelligence Augmentation Group (DIAG), working with Prof. Jean Y. Song and the members of DIAG.
I recently graduated from School of Computing @ KAIST with a Master's Degree, where I was part of the KAIST Interaction Lab (KIXLAB) led by Prof. Juho Kim.

My research interest is in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Human-AI Interaction (HAI), and Social Computing. In particular, I am interested in supporting individuals and groups to effectively navigate, comprehend, and utilize information on the web in connection to their unique preferences and contexts, through designing and building AI-infused interactive systems.

These days, I am interested in investigating how we could foster collaboration between human(s) and agent(s), particularly in the context of public speech practice.

Send me an email if you want to chat about research, life, or anything!
I am a Ph.D. applicant for Fall 2024!


Jan 2024 Attending HCI Korea 2024 ✈️
Dec 2023 My first first-authored paper ''DynamicLabels: Supporting Informed Construction of Machine Learning Label Sets with Crowd Feedback'' is accepted to IUI 2024 📄
Nov 2023 AudiLens got an Jury's Best SIC Honorable Mention 🏆
Oct 2023 Attending UIST 2023. Excited for my first on-site conference, let's chat! ✈️
Oct 2023 Joined the DGIST Intelligence Augmentation Group (DIAG) as a researcher 🔬
Aug 2023 Our poster "AudiLens: Configurable LLM-Generated Audiences for Public Speech Practice" is accepted to UIST 2023 Student Innovation Contest 📄
Jun 2023 I have defended! Officially a Master now 🎓
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Apr 2023 Attending CHI 2023 virtually 💻
Jan 2023 Submitted two papers to CSCW 2023. Fingers crossed 🤞