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Welcome! My name is Jeongeon (pronounced Jeong-on 🗣️) Park, and I am a researcher at the DGIST Intelligence Augmentation Group (DIAG), working with Prof. Jean Y. Song and the members of DIAG.
I recently graduated from School of Computing @ KAIST with a Master's Degree, where I was part of the KAIST Interaction Lab (KIXLAB) led by Prof. Juho Kim.

I am interested in supporting individuals and groups to effectively navigate, comprehend, and utilize information in connection to their unique preferences, values, or contexts. To do so, I design and build interactive systems utilizing large-scale crowdsourced information and AI techniques.

These days, I am particularly interested in how human(s) and agent(s) can collaborate to complete a task, in the context of designing public speech.

My most recent project aimed to support unfamiliar decision-making by designing multi-agent conversational interactions powered by LLMs.

Send me an email if you want to chat about research, life, or anything!
I am a Ph.D. applicant for Fall 2024!


Nov 2023 AudiLens got an Jury’s Best SIC Honorable Mention 🏆
Oct 2023 Attending UIST 2023 in-person. Excited for my first on-site conference, let’s chat! ✈️
Oct 2023 Joining the DGIST Intelligence Augmentation Group (DIAG) as a researcher 🔬
Aug 2023 Our poster “AudiLens: Configurable LLM-Generated Audiences for Public Speech Practice” is accepted to UIST 2023 Student Innovation Contest 📄
Jun 2023 I have defended! Officially a Master now 🎓
Apr 2023 Attending CHI 2023 virtually 💻
Jan 2023 Submitted two papers to CSCW 2023. Fingers crossed 🤞