A list of projects I have worked on - very brief :)

TOIchat CS584 Human-Computer Interaction
Visualizing model outputs via user's set threshold in conversational agents
2021 Fall | Github Repo | Presentation Slides

reBalance CS492(G) Data Visualization
Health data visualization system that aids exploration of one's own data in multiple aspects
2021 Fall | Github Repo | Prototype | Video

DrNotes CS492(E) Human-AI Interaction
Summarization-based note recommendation system to help students effectively review their notes
2021 Spring | Github Repo

KatchUp CS473 Introduction to Social Computing
Helping late or distracted students catch up with real-time online lectures with crowd-generated timeline and context-based QnA between peers
2020 Fall | Best Crowdsourcer Honorable Mention | Github Repo | Prototype | Video

KAISD CS470 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Korean Language Alcohol Intoxicated Speech Detector
2020 Fall | Github Repo

Chatbot Test Input Generation CS454 AI based Software Engineering
A search-based test input generation model for automatic Chatbot Testing with CGMH
2020 Fall

SinK-DaT CS372 Natural Language Processing with Python
Sino-Korean Detector and Translator in news articles
2020 Spring

Moral Survey CS489 Computer Ethics and Social Issues
Moral experiment to test whether there exists a human bias towards ethical decisions made by machines
2019 Fall

PoZangZee CS374 Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction
Renovated, efficient email system for heavy and frequent email users
2019 Spring | Github Repo | Video

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